Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please Pray for Two Teachers

Dear Pray-ers,

We have just had two teachers decide to not come for this year: 1st Grade and 2nd Grade.

I am asking everyone who reads this to do at least one of the following:

  1. Pray for wisdom, humility, grace and creativity for all involved as we still seek to fill these positions with less than four weeks before the first day of class. Also, pray for God to send us teachers. He can still do it. 
  2. Pass this on to all the educators and potential educators that you know. You never know who might know some one that knows some one... I am putting the Academy website here:
  3. Seriously consider if you might be a candidate to come. Unlikely maybe, but is not that just the way God often works!
I will look forward to letting you know how the Lord answers these prayers. 

Grace and Peace,

Brian Carlisle

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Arrival

Nathan and Beverly and Laura's first Sunday 
Smiley, happy and great big brother

Happy, helpful and great "double big" sister

Brian and Scharlie are now outnumbered :)

Words fail


Blessing and joy of having family around

Gwen enjoying littlest brother 

Then they were five

You know what they say about sleeping babies

To everyone who prayed or financially contributed to sending Scharlie's mom and sister here for 11 days, THANK YOU!! We cannot tell you what an incredible blessing it was to have them here especially with Nathan being born. It has been two years since we last saw them and one year since we have seen any family. We will include more about their time later.

Items for Prayer from ABC Malawi

Let me apologize for the long silence. We are trying to get some things together with a newsletter and some blog posts. Were just in one of those BUSY seasons right now--I am sure some of you can sympathize because you may be there yourself as well. The Lord has been gracious to allow us to not be too busy to pray. The Mission staff that are still around have been meeting to pray together on Wednesday nights, below is the list from tonight. Please pray as you feel lead.

Grace and Peace,


  1. Sickness at the Stauffacher house
  2. Michelle Clark's mother,  Pat, had a serious stroke Sunday evening--Pat, 82(?) was stateside enjoying 4th of July with family. Michelle still in Malawi
  3. Shipping container to arrive soon: contains items needed to finish new classroom block
  4. Larry and Carey Brown going on furlough leave July 26 and for Larry's Permanent Resident Permit to come before they leave 
  5. Craig Sneed and Ann Magnus wedding 14 July then coming back to Malawi
  6. Peacock family Sonia--OBGYN at Clinic delivered 104 babies, Anand--lecturer at College and Cookie 5 yr old going back home to India
  7. ABC Board Meeting early August
  8. Finances for College students and for common understanding and communciation on culturally difficult and sensitive issues regarding money and fees; pray for grace and wisdom for Dan Trumble--Financial Controller at College--as he deals with most of these issues
  9. Safety and effective witness for nine ABC College students participating in African College student all-stars event in Namibia for the following sports: basketball, netball, soccer and tennis
  10. Scott Borders's high school cousin that had come to help out with baby is travelling back home on Friday
  11. Jeff and Carson White have family coming this week for three weeks
  12. Recent string of thefts on campus have targeted staff and students alike
  13. Still need Academy teachers: MS English, Librarian, Elementary teacher
  14. New ABC missionaries coming
    1. support to be raised
    2. saying good byes 
    3. good health
    4. timely processing of paperwork
    5. peace in the midst of storms and assurance of God's call