Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brian and Gwen

Hi All,

There they are, two of my best helpers--laid up. Many thanks to all who prayed and/or gave to help Momma and Beverly come. As you can see, their coming will be very helpful. I am 38 weeks today, so any time for me.
For Brian, a fracture was discovered in his wrist. Had it been in a slightly different place, he would have needed surgery--he was in trouble with the doctor for not coming sooner, but he maintains that it was for the best. "How would I have tied a tie or done my job before?' he said. As it is, it will make a few projects a bit difficult. He has several reports he needs to write and his typing will be very slow. Please pray. He's frustrated--4-6 weeks in that stiff plaster cast.
Gwen's ankle is NOT broken. There are ligament and tendon injuries . For now it is immobilized further and she has crutches. She sees the doctor again next week. Pray for quick healing. The bottom line and huge praise for both of them is NO SURGERY NEEDED! We are so thankful for this.
Do pray for us, though. We're feeling a little low. School was just out yesterday, we have two injured people, I'm having a baby soon, and I am NOT feeling ready. Brian and I both have school things to tie up. He has various responsibilities all break. So, again, we're okay, but your prayers, as always, are most welcome. We love you and pray for you too.

Under His Mercy,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gwen's Broken Ankle

Dear Family and Friends,

About 1:45 PM Malawi time (Saturday), Gwen and I were jumping on the trampoline. She jumped up and came down "wrong" on her ankle and started screaming pretty hard right away. Within 10 minutes of the injury, we had a doctor and a nurse looking at her and they helped us get her into the car and drive her down to the clinic.

They put a back slab on her left leg and she and I will go to Partners in Hope clinic on Monday to get x-rays together. (My wrist has gotten worse and I think I will need to have something done with it as well.)

Thanks for praying. We give thanks for Dr. Jerry Koleski and nurses Becky Epperson and Carson White that treated Gwen so well and helped her out. She is calm now and on the couch getting ready to watch a movie.