Thursday, January 24, 2013


Dear Pray-ers,

We--Scharlie and I as well as our whole staff--are thankful for your prayers. The two teachers that have come in to fill the 1st and 4th Grade positions have had a good almost two weeks back. 

We have covered the Bible classes internally plus one instructor from the College. ( I will be teaching the7th Grade Bible class.)

We also had a good interview  for the French I and II position and should have one or two more people to interview!! This is really amazing to me! (After the last post I was told on that Monday morning that our HS French teacher was serving her two weeks' notice.)

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. You are such a blessing to us. We could not and would not even want to be here without your prayers! (James 5:16-18) God is at work in and through the prayers of His people. 

Grace and Peace,

Brian and Scharlie 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Needing Prayer and Encouragement

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

Please pray for us! We are as tired, frustrated and discouraged as at any other point in our time here. Since Dec 19, Brian has been dealing with personnel issues that have led to the need for two teachers to go home: one First Grade and one Fourth Grade! We begin school tomorrow and need to explain to staff, students and parents what has happened and why these teachers are no longer here. Please pray for us. We are not in any way ready for an incredibly busy second half of the school year to start tomorrow at 6:45 AM. Also, please pray for the teachers stepping in to fill these gaps and for the ones needed to fill their gaps.

We have been trying to get our newsletter finished and should get out soon. Thanks for being patient with us and thank you for praying!

Grace and Peace,