Thursday, January 24, 2013


Dear Pray-ers,

We--Scharlie and I as well as our whole staff--are thankful for your prayers. The two teachers that have come in to fill the 1st and 4th Grade positions have had a good almost two weeks back. 

We have covered the Bible classes internally plus one instructor from the College. ( I will be teaching the7th Grade Bible class.)

We also had a good interview  for the French I and II position and should have one or two more people to interview!! This is really amazing to me! (After the last post I was told on that Monday morning that our HS French teacher was serving her two weeks' notice.)

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. You are such a blessing to us. We could not and would not even want to be here without your prayers! (James 5:16-18) God is at work in and through the prayers of His people. 

Grace and Peace,

Brian and Scharlie 

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