Monday, October 28, 2013

Pray for Safe Delivery (Update!!)


Naomi Joy Floreen was born around 6:30 PM Malawi time.

Please join with the Floreens in giving thanks!

Dear Family and Friends,

Rachel Floreen, the wife of the assistant pastor at our church here, is in labor with their second child. (The Floreens are the ones that looked after me in June when Scharlie and the kids had to travel on to the States.) Matt and Rachel dropped off their three year old daughter to stay with us yesterday afternoon. (Abigail will be with us at night and some other friends during the day.) Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery of the Floreen's baby and for a good recovery for Rachel.

Grace and Peace,

Brian and Scharlie

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Please Pray for Dr. and Mrs. Chinchen's Daughter UPDATE

(This was sent out by Mrs. Laura Chinchen)

 Its nice to receive good news.  Annabelle is on the road to recovery and we are so thankful.  There are two emails below – one from Paul  and one from Ashley.  Annabelle should be released Monday.  She will have an IV and the hosptial will send a nurse to check on her once a day to change the IV and check on her for 5-7 days. …  At this time she will attempt to finish the semester at Biola.  We are thankful for Annabelle’s progress (she should make a full recovery), thankful for all our friends, family and churches prayers and thankful for good friends willing to help.  Praise the Lord for he is faithful!

On Monday this week, Dr. Paul Chinchen flew to LA to be with his second daughter Annabelle. Annabelle is a Junior at BIOLA University. She is at the UCLA hospital with bacterial meningitis. She is currently taking 4 antibiotics and her situation has been called "severe" by the doctors there.

Please pray for Annabelle and the rest of her family. Mrs. Chinchen is here with the three younger children.