Thursday, June 26, 2014

Leaving Malawi

Dear Family and Friends,

It is 2:05 AM on the morning of our departure from Malawi after our four years of service with ABC Christian Academy! It is indeed hard to believe that we are leaving, now in just a few short hours.

I would love to be able to take the time to share a few of the things that God has been teaching us through these last few months. Maybe we can have coffee or tea sometime and get to talk more about it. We are also eager to hear from you and about how the Lord has been growing and teaching you.

Prayer Items:

1. By the time most of you see this, we will be on the plane! Pray for patience with the children and their patience with us. Pray also that we would be shown favor as we seek to check in. We have the chance to be allowed 3 checked bags. If we are given al three here in Lilongwe, it could save  will save us a few hundred dollars.

2. Pray for continued good health for all of us.

3. Pray for all of us as we begin coping with the transition ahead of us.

4. Pray for wisdom and direction regarding where we are to go next. Brian still does not have a job.

Thank you again for all of the faithful financial and prayer support that you have given to us over these last four years. We could not, and would not, have wanted to be here without your support. Would you please consider still supporting us in the coming weeks as we try to get on our feet and as Brian continues to look for meaningful and substantial employment. The ABC Mission allows us to continue to receive support for up to two months after leaving the field. This would allow for the tax-deductible contributions through the end of September.

Grace and Peace,

The Carlisles