Friday, October 29, 2010

Things We Like About Malawi

Inevitably, when you move somewhere new, you're faced with all the differences you do not like. We've shared some of those, but we'd also like to tell you what we enjoy. So, here, in the safety of our mosquito net (where the "mozzies," lizards, and chop-chops (scary spider with large pincers, but no poison) cannot get us) we will share, in brief, some of the things we really like about being here.
  • Parents that support teachers and administration
  • The people (Malawian and not that we work and interact with)
  • Pot-luck night (most Friday nights all the folks on campus get together for a meal. We all bring something. Usually there's a theme).
  • Cool mornings
  • Late afternoon dips in the pool (both kids are swimming under water:)
  • Our son has decided that he will use the bathroom before moving back to America (at age 7)
  • Being able to walk to work (esp. after that 40 minute commute last year)
  • Coming home for lunch (Gwen's out at 12:00. Brian's lunch hour is 12:30-1:30)
  • Chapel at school
  • Going to the market (even haggling)
  • Sobo (This is a liquid you mix with water to make a drink like Tang, but it's better than Tang in the same way chocolate syrup makes better chocolate milk than the powder stuff. Brian does not touch it).
  • Mzuzu Specialty coffee and Chombe "export quality" tea
  • Teaching students from all over the world, who like each other
  • Our church
  • Having people over for meals often
  • Beautiful trees in bloom right now
  • Children being able to play outside with friends without direct supervision
  • Dry heat (not humid)
  • The bread--always fresh and good
  • Living on this campus, we're pretty sure we wouldn't make it in a village
  • Colorful, beautiful Chitinge material (worn as over skirts by women here to keep the others clean, cover pants, sling babies on their backs, etc.) I (Scharlie) have two I wear when market shopping)
  • Getting gelato--Italian ice cream--when we go in town.
  • Our house
  • "Digestic" biscuits as G and S call them (round sweet crackers that Brian consumes by the 150 g package:)
There are surely many other nice things about living here, but this is a good start.

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