Friday, September 2, 2011

First Days of School

The Drs. Wong and Dr. E would be proud

Friday night has come and we are EXHASUTED (so much so that I can no longer spell :)) We have already seen many things that are encouraging. My teachers are off to a good start. I have only heard one say that the week has been hard. The others were tired by today, but had a very positive first week.  We have 313 students. GOD is GOOD!

Gwen and Samuel have done so well. Gwen loves her First Grade teacher, Ms. Herbst. Samuel is enjoying Ms. Chris and Mr. Gray. With the exception of today, they both woke up and got dressed with out any promptings from mom and dad. (Samuel stayed home with a fever today. Kind of hard because it was the first Chapel day).

Scharlie is easing into middle school and is glad to find she can still do math. (Many thanks to Mrs. Sherer, Mrs. Sandifer, Mrs. Nance, and Mr. Good and a whole lot of elementary folks too, I guess:) I'm finding too, though, that there was at least one lesson learned in Kindergarten that I'm very thankful for: Do not procrastinate! (Momma, I can hear you laughing. It only took 33 years)! Thanks for prayers. It has been a busy week, but a good one. And we're glad it is started. The three weeks before almost did us in!

Does that look like a family that is ready for school or what!

Samuel and his buddy JJ on their way to school

Our very own First Grader!

Dressed for success

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