Saturday, October 22, 2011


(composed 8 October, 2011)
Sometimes when it rains, it pours--both literally and figuratively. “It’s been a week .” That’s what my dad used to say when it had been a hard one. Well it feels like it’s been a week and a half. Our water heater went out on Sunday and was finished being repaired (including some leaking through the ceiling) on Tuesday afternoon. Samuel came down with fever on Sunday night and missed three days of school (I missed two with him--just a virus). On Monday, Gwen started swim lessons again (so will Sam next week) and we discovered how crazy our Monday schedules are (if you never pray for us any other times, pray on MondaysJ). On Tuesday it rained all afternoon and night(apparently the biggest rain this early in twenty-something years). This was lovely(for me, as I have a good roof and no major building projects going on, personally)--cooled everything off. But then when I ventured out in it to do some grocery shopping, I had a problem. After my second stop, the car wouldn’t start. I called Brian, but got it going again. We missed each other (long story) and it quit again--this time in the middle of a busy road in the rain, in the dark. Thank goodness for caution lights and the LORD’s protection! I called Brian, who was out in our neighbors car and he found me, called a guy who does maintenance at the college, who helped jump it well enough to get it back to campus. (It would not be safe at all to just leave it wherever it stopped). So, someone from the college fixed it. We are so thankful for our community here. Friday was Reading Day at school--lots of fun, but a lot goes into it. In the afternoon there were a swim event at the pool, which Brian helped out with a little, and a shower at our house.
This Saturday has been most welcome. Though writing about what is hard also reminds me of what I have--hot water and power most of the time, mostly healthy children, a car, a house with a good roof, and a husband who’ll come out in the rain to help me when I’m in a jam! A lot of blessings have been poured out on me too. Hmm. To paraphrase something that Joe Novenson said, "May the LORD help me to live more in light of His provision, than my condition."

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