Saturday, August 11, 2012

Celebrating 12 years!

I just wanted to briefly mention the almost unbelievable fact that we have been married for 12 years. (Having been married in 2000, it’s always easy to keep track of.J) The morning of July 15th we mentioned to the children that it was our anniversary. Gwen immediately said to Sam, “We need to go work on something.” Not too long after, as we were getting ready for church, in they came with gift bags and home-made cards. From Gwen we received a carved wooden elephant someone had given her fairly recently and from Sam a plastic crocodile, a plastic dinosaur and a small dump truck. What generosity!! The other funny thing was that Samuel (for at least a week) used our anniversary as a good reason to do any special fun thing he wanted to do. i.e. “Since yesterday was your anniversary, can we watch a movie and have popcorn?” or “Since your anniversary was last week, can we have some candy?” At least they know it is something to celebrate.

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