Monday, March 18, 2013

Gospel Emphasis Week

Today was the first day of Gospel Emphasis Week at the Academy. We have Gospel Emphasis Week the week before we break for Easter. The goal of GEW is to present the Gospel in a fresh, creative and personal way to each of our students. We do this first and foremost by praying for God to prepare and soften and open the hearts of the students at our school. We know that we cannot draw them to Christ on our own, His Spirit does that, but we can be part of the means He uses to bring them to Himself. Our theme this year is "Trusting God." Walter Malskis teaches at the college and works at the TV station. He is the one leading and speaking in the Chapel times for the Pre-K through 5th Grade and the 6th through 11th Grade times. (The pictures below were taken this morning during the Pre-K through 5th Chapel.) Please pray Walter as he has a very wide range to communicate his messages to! We will have three separate sessions and then on Thursday instead of meeting first thing in the morning, we will have a school-wide Chapel at 11:15 that the families are invited to and then there will be a picnic afterwards. 
Pray For:
  • Teachers as they prepare and lead the students in different activities and lessons throughout the week
  • Students to have hearts that are ready to hear or are ready to grow more deeply
  • Walter Malskis as he speaks to the students each day
  • Family members will come and hear the Good News on Thursday and have the chance to respond
  • That God would be honored and glorified as His Word is faithfully taught and communicated

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