Saturday, December 7, 2013

RE: Matters for Praise and Prayer

We thank you for being faithful to pray! Here are some areas that we would request prayer for:

1.     The nation of South Africa on the death of her senior Statesman, Nelson Mandela. Please pray for peace and stability in this important and powerful country in this region of the world.
2.     Laurie Johnstone is one of the teachers at the Academy. We have become good friends with her family. Her brother, Gareth, lives in the States, I think Texas. He has been in need of a kidney transplant for some time. He has just been notified of a match. Pray that he is strong enough to have the procedure. Pray for their family. His parents are flying from Malawi to be there with him. Also pray that this would be an opportunity for him to come to faith in Christ through the witness of his family and the recognition of God’s goodness with this match.
3.     Ashley Henderson is a little girl from our church, Olivet, in South Carolina. She is Samuel’s age and has had many health complications. She too is in need of a kidney transplant and has been scheduled to receive one on Thursday, 12 December. Give praise for this and pray that the surgery is a success and for continued grace, strength and peace to be given to Ashley and her family as they walk through this time.
4.    There was an awful car accident this week involving two Young Life Leaders and a missionary from, we think, Oklahoma, who had been working with them. They had been attending a Young Life conference in Zimbabwe and were returning to Malawi. (For those unfamiliar with Young Life, it is a Christian outreach ministry to teens. It is very active in America too). The two men were regional directors for both Lilongwe and Blantyre. The regional director form Lilongwe, Wanongwa Sanga, (sp) we knew and I had interviewed his wife, Mphatso, for a teaching position at the Academy. Both of these men were young had been married for about 18 months or so. The American woman has been in the country for a some time. This has been devastating to this community. Pray for Christ to minister to the young widows and to the friends and family of all three. Also, pray for this ministry as it is a terrible blow.
5.    This seems small compared with the above requests. I have a Skype call on Monday with the recruiter that I will be working with from the Southern Teachers Agency. Pray that I represent myself well and give a good sense of where I would be a “good fit” to my recruiter as he seeks to match me with potential school positions.
6.   Our school Christmas Show is this coming Thursday. There will probably be between 600-700 people in attendance. The gospel is always presented and many people in attendance are not believers. Pray for hearts to be softened.

Grace and Peace,

Brian, Scharlie, Gwen, Samuel and Nathan

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