Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Cup of Coffee with Gift

I just had the privilege of sharing a cup of "filter coffee" with ABC student and night watchman Gift. Gift, 23, is a first year student at the college. His home village is near Kasungu which is about about an hour and a half north of Lilongwe on the M1.

Gift heard about ABC in 2009 from a pastor who came and spoke at his church. The pastor was an ABC grad. When I asked him how I could be praying for him he mentioned a few ways. One of course was with regards to school fees. However, that was not the first point he mentioned. He asked that I pray that God would bless his instructors and give them the ability to teach the students what they need to learn. He was studying for his World History class when I brought him the cup of coffee. Gift said that he was doing fine in that class, but he had been asking God to help him not just get good grades. Gift wants to learn and understand how he can use this in the future and really be changed by what he is learning. What a blessing it was for me to hear such a view of and attitude towards learning expressed by one of the students here.

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