Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gwen Update

Hey Everyone,

Most of you will have heard by now that Gwen had her surgery yesterday late afternoon. Brian said that her elbow was not only broken, but also out of joint, and there were a number of bone fragments. The surgeon put in lots of wires (I don't know what that means really) to hold all the pieces in the right places. One went into the wrist as well. Today she had it in a sling and was able to walk to where they did more ex-rays. I'm sure that was helpful. I am not sure whether they do not intend to cast it (b/c the wires hold it in place) or they are just waiting until swelling goes down. Anyway, we are most encouraged.
She will be discharged tomorrow. However,  Brian will have to take her back to have it checked, probably Monday. So, we don't know exactly when they will be home.

UPDATE within the update! Hooray! I just heard from Brian. He says the surgeon says that there is no reason for them to stay past Friday just for more x-rays that can be taken here. So they will probably come then. We can take pictures of the x-rays next week and e-mail them to him. Apparently also, taking out the wires/ pins,  whatever is not a huge deal. Give praise with me!

Some friends of ours here have also been in contact with friends there so that Brian and Gwen can stay tomorrow and tomorrow night. How nice that it won't have to be longer.

Thanks for your prayers!


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  1. Scharlie and Brian, just wanted to let you know that you are in my daily prayers. May the Lord give you all comfort and healing for Gwen. Best Regards, Cousin Lewis